Q. Why do I need a check-up when I know I need some fillings?

Having a check-up allows us to properly assess the health of your mouth and teeth, and provide you with the best treatment options possible.

It enables us to discuss the different options available, costs and positives and negatives of each option.

We offer a comprehensive check-up and pride ourselves in providing quality time to ensure you are able to make decisions for your own well-being.


Q.Will I be able to work afterwards?

You will bleed a bit after a dental extraction.

If your job involves smiling and talking to people directly you may not want to go back to work.

If you have an active job you may want to have the rest of the day off – or do sedentary duties – physical work increases your heart rate and blood pressure which can cause bleeding to continue.


Q. How do I clean them?

Clean your denture with plain hand soap and a soft brush – never use toothpaste as it is very abrasive,

It is a good idea to brush your plate over a towel or a basin with some water in it if you drop your denture hopefully it won’t break!

It is very important to brush the past of your denture that fits against your gums and teeth really well.

At night time soak your plate in a denture cleaner following the instructions on the packet – eg. sterident or polydent


Q. How much do dentures cost?

Plastic Partial Denture  $1100

 Metal Partial Denture    $2100

It is cheaper to go directly to a denture technician


Q. How long does it take to make them?

The exact number of appointments does vary a bit, but generally 4-5 visits with 2 ½ weeks between each visit.


Q. Can I just have cheap ones?

It is good to shop around and speak with your local denture technicians.



At dentalHQ we are big on regular and thorough full oral health examinations – you mouth is 

more than just teeth! A stitch in time saves nine – problems caught earlier are easier, 

cheaper and more successfully fixed. Waiting until it hurts? It’s often too late!


Just want us to focus on one issue for now to get you out of pain or problems. We keep an 

emergency appointment available every day to help out and can usually get you out of 

trouble then and there


Not all fillings are made equal. What works for one person may not be the best for the next. 

Want works for one tooth may not work for it neighbour. We’ve got more than 10 options to 

choose from! At dentalHQ we assess each need (problem?) individually so we can achieve 

the best outcome for you.


Your periodontium – or gums – are the bits that hold your teeth in place. Healthy gums are 

vital if you want to keep a smile healthy and breath fresh. Periodontal disease can cause 

major health issues – and most people affected don’t even realise there is a problem until it 

is too late! At dentalHQ we are big on optimizing periodontal care – both at the practice and 

at later home


Might not feel like it at the time but a painful abscessed tooth is often still a good tooth. 

Utilising the best techniques and material we can source a problem tooth can once more 

become a happy tooth – pain free and usable.


A great way to add a sparkle to your smile and a spring to your step. The system we like to 

use lets you control how white your teeth go and lets you top up the brightness any time 

you want. Our whitening products are proven safe and don’t damage healthy teeth. 

Remember whitening doesn’t work on everything. Old fillings and crowns won’t change 

colour and may need to be replaced.


Crowns are specialized fillings custom made outside your mouth – usually out of porcelain or 

gold. They rebuild, surround and protect badly broken or damaged teeth greatly increasing 

their life span.


Missing a single tooth? Would the teeth on either side benefit from a crown? We can join 

three crowns together to permanently replace the tooth missing in the middle – occasionally 

even at the end!


Like false fingernails veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth to change their shape, 

size and or colour. Sometimes porcelain, sometimes composite.


Stressed and nervous? We can often provide oral sedation to make your treatment visit 

easier for you if you wish


dentalHQ is a registered provider for ACC


We are happy to provide quotations for Work and Income New Zealand – just let our 

friendly team member know that is what you would like when you make your appointment